How does the MYP at Williams differ from courses of study at other middle schools?

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The MYP differs from other middle schools because the students are taking six advanced level courses instead of the four courses that most seventh or eighth graders take. The additional courses include a foreign language, visual arts, and theatre arts. Seventh grade MYP courses are taught at a level equivalent to most eighth grade courses. Eighth grade MYP courses require the intensity of study of traditional ninth grade courses. MYP students can begin the ninth grade with three units of high school credit: English 1, Algebra 1, and Spanish 1 or German 1. Although the MYP offers students opportunities that other programs do not, the excitement and anxiety of entering middle school will be the same for a seventh grader at any school. As students make the transition from elementary to middle school, they must take more responsibility for organizing materials, keeping up with assignments, using a planner to list assignments and record grades, getting to class on time, developing effective study habits, and showing parents test papers, interim reports, and report cards.