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Board of Trustees approves new calendar for 2020-2021

During a called meeting Thursday, June 25, the Florence 1 Schools Board of Trustees approved a new calendar for the 2020-2021 school year. The new calendar moves the start date for students from August 3rd to September 8th.
Teachers will report August 24th.

F1S Superintendent Dr. O’Malley said that pushing back the start date will allow the district more time to develop their reopening plan.   

“This calendar, although not perfect, accomplishes a few goals for us,” O’Malley said. “It gives us time to have more data regarding the COVID-19 spread. Nothing in that data tells me that I should put thousands of kids in school in 37 days. It gives us time to see what other districts do and what obstacles we can avoid and strengths to replicate. It gives us time to work with our staff, extend it both in the summer and a full two weeks prior to opening, to ensure academics, safety and all precautions will be implemented successfully."

O'Malley said that the last few months have truly shown the strength of the teachers, staff and students in Florence 1 Schools. 

"It is in this time of discomfort and uncertainty that we have learned much about our system, we have and will continue to develop new skills and be resilient,” O’Malley said. “And we are now more creative, more resourceful, more cautious, and more focused than ever before on our future here at the Florence 1 Schools."

NEW 2020-2021 Calendar