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Horizons and H2 Canceled for June 2020

Dear Horizons and H2 Applicants,

I regret to inform you that the Horizons and H2 Gifted and Talented Summer Program for June 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19. After discussing many options, it is simply not feasible to conduct this program virtually. I am so proud of the work you all submitted. The interview teams were impressed as well with the quality of your portfolios.

For those who students who did not get a chance to interview, you are welcome to schedule an appointment by calling (843)673-1134 or emailing (preferred). Interviews will be held via Google Meet or Zoom during the week of May 11th.

I anticipate offering an afterschool program tailored for the visual and performing arts beginning in September 2020. If funding is secured, students who completed the application process for Horizons and H2 this year will be extended an invitation to participate in the afterschool program. Additional details will follow once we begin the 2020-21 school year.

Thank you for understanding as this was a difficult decision to make; however, safety is our top priority for all! Please continue to stay safe and well during this time. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call (843) 673-1134 or email

Jeffery A. Gaines
Director of Arts and Innovative Programs