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No Internet - No Worries

No Internet - No Worries

Students that do not have internet access on eLearning days. - No Worries!

In cases where students cannot access their work on an eLearning day due to connectivity issues, students will have five school days after returning to school to complete the assignments. In order to prevent connectivity issues when possible.

For school devices WiFi will be in operation at all of our school locations and the range typically extends beyond the building into the parking lot. This may vary from school to school, location and proximity to the building itself.

The Technology Department will be working to provide technical support to all staff, students, and parents of Florence One Schools on eLearning Days. For more information see the I Need Help page. We will be limited in our ability to provide support on home wireless networks due to the wide range of potential problems that could arise during a weather event. We will do our best to provide support on any problems related to login and the use of devices issued by Florence 1 Schools to complete eLearning assignments.

AT&T offers low-cost wireline home internet to qualifying households. Visit the Access AT&T page for more information.