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Update April 16-- DHEC Workplace Guidelines


In workplaces and other group settings, it can be difficult to determine who may have come into contact
with a person infected with COVID-19. Therefore, information about COVID-19 is provided below. DHEC
wants you to be aware of the possible symptoms and take the recommended actions to protect yourself
and prevent spread of COVID-19 at work.
COVID-19 is a respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus. The most common symptoms include
fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.

• If you feel ill with any of these symptoms and are concerned that you may have COVID-19:
Stay at home and avoid being around others while you have symptoms. If you are experiencing
worse than a mild illness or have other significant health conditions such as heart or lung disease,
or a weakened immune system, you should call your doctor or other medical provider to discuss testing for COVID-19.

• If you feel very sick and believe you need to see a doctor immediately: Call ahead to the emergency department and inform them of your symptoms.

• If you feel ill with any of these symptoms but do not consult a healthcare provider: Stay
home and avoid being around others while you have symptoms. You should stay home until:
o Your symptoms have improved – and – o It has been at
least 7 days since the symptoms started – and – o At least 3
days have passed without having a fever.

• If you do not feel ill: You do not need to be tested. Any tests done before someone has
symptoms may not reliably detect the virus and is not recommended. Not everyone who comes
into contact with an ill person will get sick, and you may not have caught the virus.
The virus spreads short distances of a few feet when someone infected with the virus breathes, coughs,
or sneezes. Only those who are close to a person infected with COVID-19 for an extended period of time
are likely to catch the virus this way. It can also be spread on surfaces touched by someone who is ill.
There is not a vaccine that will prevent infection, but you can take the steps listed below to help protect
yourself and your family.

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
• Cover your cough but not with your hand.
• Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
• Clean all surfaces in your home, especially areas touched often like doorknobs, counters, etc.
• Stay at home if you are sick except to get medical attention.

For any additional questions, contact:
DHEC’s CareLine – 1-855-472-3432 (7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Download printable dhec Covid Awareness for Workplaces document.