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Technology and the Arts

Adrianna Gardner
Stop Motion with Fourth Grade

Art, K-4
Carver Elementary

Students with iPad I used a stop motion video app on the iPad to create animal habitat videos with fourth grade. I learned about the stop motion app at the visual arts professional development at the beginning of the school year. I learned about the 3D pen from my STEAM coach.  

Student drawing with 3D Pen
After students learned how to use the app, they explored different animal habitats and how to make a mixed media art collage. First grade students experimented with 3D pens to create snowflakes.  

Students are highly motivated when using technology.  Do not be afraid to try something new!


Carolina Doughty
Media Arts Mania

Media Arts, Grades 9-12
South Florence High


South Florence Students work with Adobe Photoshop Media Arts utilizes several different forms of technology.  We use the Adobe Creative Suite for most projects and students gain baseline knowledge of how these programs work.  We also have begun to practice digital photography with DSLR camera purchased for the Media Arts Classes by a grant.  I got my knowledge of these mediums through arts classes at Francis Marion University while getting my Bachelor's in Art Education.

My students use iPads and the Adobe Illustrator Draw app on the iPads. They can draw with their fingers or stylus pens to create digital paintings. They learn to use layers and different brush styles which tie in to the concepts they learn on the PC using Adobe programs. This lesson took the concepts students have learned in their traditional art classes and applied it while using new technology.

If I could tell teachers who are new to technology anything, it would be to have no fear. Technology can be scary to use in the classroom, and sometimes things go horribly wrong, but that's okay. Keep trying and improving!


Staci Stevens
Visual Arts and Science

Visual Arts, Grades K-6

Royall Elementary

Students with iPad My students used iPads and the Stop Motion Studio app to create stop motion animations. They also used iPads to research their movie topics.students Using Stop Motion App

Students used a variety of art media to create stop motion animations focused on their science standards. My mini movie makers used the app Stop Motion Studio on iPads to film and narrate their movies. This technology enhanced their learning by connecting the visual arts and science in a fun and unique way. It allowed students to explore ways to be creative and gave them the freedom to make their own choices.

The Stop Motion Studio app is simple enough for children as young as first grade and has additional options that will keep any student up to 12th grade ready to learn. It is a free app that is suitable for use in the art room and the regular classroom. The paid version has additional features that are fun, but not necessary.