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Coding & Writing with Ozobots

Coding & Writing with Ozobots

Toni Allen
Technology Teacher
Timrod Elementary


I attended the South Carolina Educational Technology conference in October of 2017 and I just fell in love with all the robots that are out there now for education.  So I decided to apply for grants through Donors Choose and I received two that I used to purchase robots for my classroom.

We are using robots and coding. Once the grants were received, I handed them out to the students and they watched video tutorials in small groups to learn how to use and control all the variety of robots.


Students drawing paths for coding Students Coding My students used Ozobots to act out a story they had written.  They first learned how to create a path for the Ozobot to travel on and all the different codes the robot can act out.  Secondly, the students composed their action story on the computer. Once the story was complete, they highlighted the words they wanted the Ozobot to act out.  They used markers and paper to create the path for Ozobot. Students presented their stories to the class and the Ozobots ran the path while they were reading. Finally, all students saw the Ozobot perform the story as it was projected on the SMART Board.

By talking to other computer lab teachers, I have learned so many great ideas!  Give it time. You will find creative ways to use robots in your classroom. Just let your students explore first. The students can help you create ways to use the robots in your classroom.  Donors Choose has a lot of donors willing to match and help fund for anything STEM related.




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