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Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt

The CDC at Woods Road Playgroups came together for a picnic lunch and Easter Egg Hunt Thursday, April 11th. Parents brought snacks to share as well as blankets, and their children played some on the "big kids" playground. Afterwards, the children hunted for Easter eggs that were filled with special treats, and one child even found the Golden Egg! Since there are several playgroups, this was the first time some of the children and parents had met before. If you have a child from age birth to 3 years old and are interested in joining a weekly playgroup, please contact Susan Knight at 843-758-6872 or email at 


mom and 2 children sitting on the grass


mom and daughter hugging on the grass


two moms and their children sitting on the grass


mom and twin girls standing on the sidewalk


moms and children walking in the grass looking for eggs


mom and her son looking for an egg in the grass


mom and daughter opening and Easter egg


mom and children checking their Easter baskets


girl walking with her Easter basket


mom and daughter watching another child open an Easter egg


girl going through the eggs in her basket


mom and son go through his Easter basket