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Honoring Veterans at the CDC at Woods Road

The Child Development Center at Woods Road celebrated Veterans Day a day early by honoring several special guests. Veterans from the Army, Navy, and Army came to speak to the students about their service and explain the importance of the American flag. Students created "Thank You" cards for the veterans, and each received an American flag. Special thanks to Larry Peoples of the Navy, Terrance Turner of the Army, Daniel Blathers of the Army, Patrick Bubacz of the Air Force, Richard Craft of the Navy, David Whately of the Army, and Richard Harrington of the Air Force! We appreciate your service to our country!

soldier statue         handprints



toy soldiers   veteran


veteran holding flag   talking to students with parents


students listening    whole class


veteran talking to students    holding the flag

students looking at flags   veteran with coat


veteran with the class       man in uniform