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Job Olympics held March 30th at South Florence

On March 30th, more than one hundred Florence 1 Schools students converged on South Florence for the district’s second annual Job Olympics. Exceptional Education students from West Florence, South Florence and Wilson demonstrated their employability skills, showing off the skills that they have been practicing in class and during their community-based training experiences. 


Each student was able to pick five events and ranked the top three they had the most interest in. The skills included demonstrating computer and telephone etiquette skills by answering the phone and taking a message; folding and sorting laundry items; making a bed; organizing grocery items on a store shelf and bagging grocery items. Each station had a rubric of specific skills students had to complete within their task. Students were scored on accuracy and timeliness of task completion. Once all calculations are complete, a winner will be announced. The winning school will get the opportunity to host next year.


“I am so proud of all of our students who competed in this year’s Job Olympics,” said F1S Transition Coordinator Kandee Shelor. “It was such a fun experience for them, getting to show off the skills they’ve been working so hard on and getting to visit another school.”