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Florence 1 Schools in 2021

F1S in 2021

Florence 1 is launching an aggressive three-year action plan designed to reshape the future of our district. future. We’re establishing a higher standard of excellence with our Students First approach and our commitment to placing top professional talent in every role. With greater expectations and bolder goals, we can transform the potential of every student. Join me and the Board of Trustees in our efforts to revolutionize Florence 1 Schools.

Florence 1 Schools is committed to the following:

Exemplary Community Engagement

  • Ownership of the F1S Vision by Every Person in Every School
  • Cohesive Communication System District-Wide & Community-Wide
  • Synergistic Approach to Improving Parent Connections & Engagement
  • Re-energized Collaborations with Our Business Community

Superior Student Achievement

  • Comprehensive Array of Academic Options, Exposures & Experiences
  • Imagine Forward, a Dedicated Technology Initiative
  • Renewed Emphasis on Special Education & Student Well-Being
  • Large-Scale Arts & Culture Infusion Across All Schools

21st-Century Facilities & Security

  • Increased Investments in Classrooms, Programs & Technologies
  • Detailed Blueprint for Annual Maintenance & Repairs
  • Sophisticated Strategies for Enhancing Safety & Security
  • Extensive Framework for Facility Design and Modernization

Professional Talent in Every Role

  • Robust Professional Development Opportunities
  • Creative Incentives for Attracting & Retaining Top Talent
  • Dedicated Processes for Elevating Curriculum & Staff Culture
  • Systematized Structure for Shared Policies, Procedures & Protocols

See the F1S in 2021 flyer by clicking here.