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Raldex Hospitality joins Florence 1 Project Search Program

Just as the fourth class of Florence 1’s Project Search program is set to graduate, a second partner site is being added. Raldex Hospitality will join McLeod Regional Medical Center as a host site for this award-winning Transition-to-Work program for Exceptional Education students. 

School districts across the country participate with local partners to offer Project Search. Florence 1 is the first district in South Carolina to have two partner sites. 


Florence 1’s Project Search program began in 2019, as an expansion of the employability program already in place in the district. Non-diploma track students learn job skills in areas such as housekeeping, food service and surgery prep that will help them gain employment after high school. With the addition of Raldex Hospitality, more students will be able to take advantage of the program.

Brian Denny, Assistant Superintendent of Exceptional Children, said that he was so pleased to add another partner for the upcoming school year.

“Our students have had so much success with Project Search with one site,” Denny said. “When Raldex agreed to join us as a second partner site, we were thrilled. This will open up even more opportunities for our students to learn the valuable skills they will need for employment in the future, as well as increase the number of students we can accept for the program.”

Chad Patterson, Vice President of Raldex Hospitality, said that he has already received positive feedback about Raldex becoming a host site for Project Search.

“Raldex and Florence 1 Schools have always had a great partnership,” Patterson said. “We have participated in many programs with the district and we feel this one, in particular, will benefit not only the Florence 1 students, but the Raldex workforce as well.  We feel that the skills the students will learn while working with us will also help to give them better opportunities in the future.”

F1S Transition Coordinator Kandee Shelor said that it is exciting to see another local business partner investing in Project Search.

“Raldex has always been amazing about partnering with us when we have asked in the past,” Shelor said. “They have enthusiastically embraced the Project Search program and the mission behind it: providing training that will help our students get employment. We look forward to pairing students with Raldex locations and departments and hearing their success stories.”