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Are you ready for band season? F1S high schools debut new uniforms

Florence 1 bands will be standing taller this season as brand new uniforms debut at all three high schools. Each school’s uniform has been uniquely designed to incorporate school colors in a bold new design. 

As part of a continued effort to improve opportunities across the district, Florence 1 invested $100,000 in the marching bands at each of the high schools earlier this spring, funding purchases of instruments, uniforms and other essential equipment. The bands have been hard at work this summer and are excited to be back in action this school year, looking sharp in their new uniforms.  

South Florence Director of Bands Mike Lloyd said that the new uniforms are coming at a great time as he begins in his role.

“This contemporary design allows my students to feel like they have a new, stronger, and more relevant presence when they are in uniform,” Lloyd said. “In so many ways, these new uniforms are the perfect symbol for the start of a new era in the Bruin Band. Florence 1 is serious about providing my students the tools that they will need to be successful and, for that, I feel blessed.” 

West Florence student Kinsey Carraway said that she believes the uniforms will be a point of pride for the Knights as well.

New West Florence uniform design

“I’m really excited about the new uniforms,” Carraway said. "I really think it's going to give a boost to the kids in the band. We feel that we are valued as an organization and appreciated for the work that we do now. It is really going to give us a good competition boost too.”

Cassius Johnson said students are excited about the new uniform look and he thinks that the Wilson community will be also.

New West Florence uniform design

“Being a performer, the worst thing is being uncomfortable while you’re performing,” Johnson said. “I think these new uniforms are going to be comfortable and we don’t have to worry about them ripping or getting damaged like the old stuff. I really like the style and our fans are going to love it too.”

South Florence senior Jack Pegram said he is glad to see the fresh uniforms after many years of using the old style.

New West Florence uniform design

“I have been here since 8th grade and we have always had the same uniforms,” Pegram said. “Having a new look can really affect our rebuilding stage. I think it can affect the way that people look at us, like oh, they are really well put together and they know how to carry themselves. I think it will really help start a new legacy at South Florence.”