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The School Foundation Awards $130,000 in grants to Florence 1

Trisha Caulder, chair of The School Foundation’s grants committee (TSF) announced the foundation will distribute a total of $130,000 in grants to Florence 1 Schools (F1S) for the 2022-2023 school year.  The announcement was made at a reception for the grant writers at the Floyd Conference Center on Monday.

The grants committee funded six grants submitted by F1S educators. 

Southside Middle and South Florence High were awarded $36,700 for their “Taking F1S Arts Magnet to the Next Level”, which will fund two key additions to their curricular arts programs: musical instrument and vocal lessons, clinician/conductors for secondary CPA (Choral Performance Assessments) pre-festivals at all F1S high schools and feeder middle schools;

$10,000 was awarded to West Florence High for their “F1S Achievers Program” grant that will give a cohort of 60 academically gifted low-income students the ability to take unique advanced classes each of their four high school years;

$12,300 was awarded to Wilson High for their “Outdoor Classroom” grant that will create a place for classes to gather and engage in lessons in the natural environment;

South Florence High was awarded $41,000 for their “The Bruin’s Innovation Lab-A Gamechanger for the Next Generation” grant, which envisions a collaborative learning environment to foster student creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit;

RN Beck Childhood Development Center was awarded $20,000 for their “Riding, Rhythm, and Recess-An inclusive tricycle path” grant which will provide a tricycle track that will offer their students an opportunity to socialize while improving balance and eye-hand coordination required for academic work;

Briggs, Dewey L. Carter, Carver and Savannah Grove Elementary schools were awarded $10,000 for their “Fine Motor “FUN”damentals grant that will assist with reversing fine motor delays in their kindergarten students that have been amplified by school and preschool closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are very excited about the caliber of grants we received for the upcoming school year,” Trisha stated.  “Our students will be afforded new and exciting opportunities for growth, both academically and physically.”  Debbie Hyler, executive director of TSF stated, “We are thankful for our outstanding F1S educators and their vision to improve the lives of their students.  Our students can only excel from the innovation and creativity displayed by these educators who are committed to helping their students excel.” 

To date, TSF has awarded $1,970,572.78 in grants to F1S.  This funding would not be possible without the support of the community and their donors.

For additional information, please contact Debbie Hyler, Executive Director, at or call (843) 662-9996.