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SFHS Cell Phone Guidlines

SFHS Cell Phone Guidelines

South Florence High School’s aim is to provide bell-to-bell instruction.  As a 1-to-1 technology school, students have access to Chromebooks and educational applications for use in classrooms, thereby alleviating the need to use cell phones during instructional time.  Our cell phone usage guidelines are designed to support daily classroom instructional practices.

 It is important to note that although students are not prohibited from bringing cellular devices to school, they will be prohibited from using them and/or having them out in classrooms.  Students who need to make phone calls during the instructional day are asked to request a pass to use the phone provided in the main office.  Parents who need to contact students during the school day are asked to contact the school.

The following are the guidelines that will be used:

Guidelines for Cell Phone Policy at SFHS

  • Cell phone usage will not be permitted in any SFHS classroom.
  • Cell phones (including earbuds, headphones, speakers, etc.) cannot be visible or operable inside of SF classrooms.

  • Students in violation of the cell phone policy will receive discipline in accordance with the District policy.

  • Students who refuse to follow the district cell phone policy and SFHS guidelines may be referred for “Refusal to Obey” and may receive out-of-school suspension.

  • Cell phone usage is acceptable in the lunchroom areas at the beginning of the day, during class changes and after school is dismissed.