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Timrod kicks off 2019-2020 school year

School is officially back in session for Henry Timrod Elementary School. Timrod students are the first in Florence 1 Schools to kick off the 2019-2020 school year, heading back into the classroom Monday, July 29. Principal Michelle McBride said that students and staff were so excited for the new year to begin.

Timrod Elementary staff members

As the first to start back to school, Timrod was also the first to put the online registration process to the test.

 “I think parents really liked that they could do it from the comfort of their own home,” McBride said. “We had a large percentage of parents that uploaded their proof of residency online so they didn’t have to come to the school at all. We did a Parentlink message informing them of their child’s teacher and they came on the first day of school. They loved it.”

A Timrod family

McBride said that staff from other schools visited Timrod on their on-site registration day, set aside to give assistance to parents who needed it.

“We used to have a lot of stations set up during registration,” McBride said. “A lot of the stations we had set up in the past, there was no need to have with online registration. It was just an easier process. You learn a lot after you’ve gone through your first process or your first year of something new so I think next year it will be even easier.”

Students in the cafeteria

Though registration was easy, Timrod’s faculty and staff have been hard at work making plans to get the school AdvancED STEM certified.

“We are going to be doing more lesson plans that will have students actively engaging in science that also incorporate math and technology, a lot of hands-on lessons,” McBride said. “Hopefully with all of that we will be able to complete AdvancED certification.”

McBride said that the STEM skills her students will be learning are very important in class and in everyday life.

staff member with superintendent O'Malley

“When we think about our kids, instruction-wise they are missing a critical thinking piece; they don’t know how to problem-solve,” McBride said. “I think that if we can incorporate more problem-solving, synthesizing and analyzing in a fun and engaging way it will just help these students progress when it comes to secondary education and a career. It is easy for students to shy away from things when they are too difficult but for them to have a facilitator, that classroom teacher who encourages them to problem solve, that makes a difference.”

As the district starts the second year of the Imagine Forward one-to-one technology initiative, McBride said that her students have fully embraced technology in their classrooms.

“We do blended learning which has a technology station so they are familiar with the technology,” McBride said. “For them to have their own device that they can use in class has really enhanced the learning process here at Timrod though.”


Timrod is one of the smaller schools in Florence 1, McBride said, and she has worked hard to let students and parents know that they are a family.

“When I first came to Timrod years ago, we would be in faculty meetings and I would hear ‘Well, this child can’t do this. Their brother couldn’t do it. It’s generational,’ McBride said. When a child walks through our door, I don’t care what the background is or what their problems are. We build a relationship and make sure that the students know that we care for them. We have really worked at building those relationships with our students and their parents. For the past two years, we have really cut down on parent complaints because we are working on having that trust relationship with parents and our school community. I believe this is going to be a great school year.”