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Wallace Gregg receives grant from FMU Center of Excellence

Wallace Gregg Elementary recently received the Community Outreach Research Project grant from the Francis Marion Center of Excellence.  Sensory regulation bins including fidgets, stress balls and other healthy coping resources were purchased using grant funds and placed in each classroom.  Students utilize the bins by checking in using the Alert Program, a program the school counselor Jamie Matthews uses to teach emotional regulation school-wide in support of a Compassionate Schools model. 

Research shows that students who receive appropriate sensory input are shown to increase focus which increases learning.  Students are taught to identify their feelings and implement healthy calming or coping strategies through classroom guidance lessons.  Teachers also use the check-in to identify which students might need extra support reaching an optimal state of alertness to learn. Once students use the sensory items they return to their seat with increased focus.

A sensory pathway purchased with grant funds was installed outside the gym to increase access to sensory regulation opportunities for all students. Teachers may take students as a class, in small groups, or individually to get sensory needs met using this fun focusing activity.

Visit this link to learn more about the grant from School Counselor Jamie Matthews:

 Wallace Gregg sensory path