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Students Recognized for Perfect Scores on South Carolina Standardized Tests

At its October meeting, the Florence One Board of Trustees recognized 29 students who earned perfect scores on standardized tests during the 2017-18 school year.  Twenty- one students earned the maximum score on a portion of the SC READY, and eight students earned a perfect score on a portion of the SC PASS.

SC READY is a statewide assessment that includes tests in English/Language Arts and Mathematics.  It is administered in the spring to all students in 3rd through 8th grades.  Items on SC READY are aligned with the SC College and Career Ready Standards.  Nineteen students earned maximum scores on the mathematics section of the test; three of the students earned maximum scores on the English/Language Arts portion of the SC Ready.  

The board recognized the following students for Perfect Scores on the SC Ready:

Maren Runyan, Carver Elementary (now at Virtus Academy); Divya Rustgi, Carver Elementary; Jake Stoklosa, Lucy T. Davis Elementary; Callie Page, McLaurin Elementary; Hunter Fennell, Lucy T. Davis Elementary; Alex Cotran, Royall Elementary; Emmalyn Lyttle, Royall Elementary; Danny Page, Royall Elementary; and Kailey Brasswell, Royall Elementary; Kaitlyn Kho, McLaurin Elementary, (now at Royall Elementary); Mitchell Rehm, Lucy T. Davis Elementary (now at John W. Moore Intermediate); Ethan Polsky, John W. Moore Intermediate, Kaleb Burroughs, Royall Elementary; Madison Miller, John W. Moore Intermediate,* (now at Sneed Middle); William Brasington, John W. Moore, Intermediate (now at Sneed Middle); Sara Moore, Dewey Carter Elementary, (now at Southside Middle); Peter Steinmetz, John W. Moore Intermediate; Rebecca McGowan, Greenwood Elementary*; (now at Williams Middle); Sudhanshu Chunchu, Williams Middle; Lauren Gaskins, Williams Middle. Ian Townsend, John W. Moore Intermediate (now at Williams Middle).

 Madison Miller and Rebecca McGowan made a perfect score on the English/Language Arts portion of the SC Ready while each of the other students made a perfect score on the Mathematics portion of the SC Ready. Ian Townsend received a perfect score on both the Mathematics and English/Language Arts portions of the SC Ready

SC PASS is a statewide assessment for students in 4th, 6th, and 8th grades in science, and 5th and 7th grades in social studies.  PASS test items measure students’ performance on SC Academic Standards.  The test items are aligned to the standards for each subject and grade level.  Standards outline what schools are expected to teach and what students are expected to learn.

Donald Granger, Briggs Elementary; Landen Woods, Carver Elementary (now at John W. Moore Intermediate); Keira Mitschelen, Greenwood Elementary; Clara Rusthoven, McLaurin Elementary (now at John W. Moore Intermediate); Jamie Kirby, Savannah Grove Elementary; Sara Peavy Wallace Gregg Elementary

Ridgely Jackson, Williams Middle, (now at Wilson High) and Ian Townsend, John W. Moore Intermediate, (now at Williams Middle);

               Note:  Ian Townsend is recognized for perfect scores on both the SC/Ready and the SC Pass Tests.*

Students Recognized for Perfect Scores on South Carolina Standardized Tests

Row 1
Jake Stoklosa, Jamie Kirby, Alex Cortan, Kailey Brasswell, Hunter Fennell, Mitchell Rehm, 
Danny Page, Sudhanshu Chunchu, Emmalyn Lyttle,  and Sara Peavy/ 

Row 2 
Kaitlyn Kho, Callie Page, Clara Rusthoven, Kaleb Burroughs, Keira Mitschelen, Maren Runyan, Peter Steinmetz, Donald Granger,  and Ethan Polsky/ 

Row 3
Rebecca McGowan, Lauren Gaskins, Madison Miller, Ian Townsend, 
Ridgely Jackson and Sara Moore/ 

Not pictured are Divya Rustgi,  Landen Woods,and William Brasington