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Staff Feature

January Staff Feature

Ms. Isla Myers


Mrs. Isla Myers has been selected as our December/January Staff Feature Winner.  Mrs. Myers serves as Savannah Grove’s Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Myers’s colleagues said the following things about her.


  • Mrs. Myers always has a smile on her face and is pleasant to everyone she comes in contact with!
  • Mrs. Myers works really hard to ensure that all of the attendance needs are taken care of! She is always available to answer questions and solve any issues we may come across. And she does it willingly, without any complaints!
  • Mrs. Myers is always willing to do anything to help others. She constantly tries to help teachers get in touch with parents.
  • Mrs. Myers is always very helpful in supporting teachers with PowerSchool.
  • Mrs. Myers has been an employee at Savannah Grove for 37 years!   



Congratulations to Mrs. Isla Myers for being selected as our December/January Staff Feature Winner!

Congratulations to Mrs. Cameron for being selected as our December Staff Feature Winner!