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Code to the Future-Phase 2

In Phase 2 of Code to the Future, our kindergarteners and first graders are working with Lego sets to build communities within their classrooms. As they are building, they are learning valuable social and educational skills such as working with patterns, architectural design, and working as a team to complete a shared task. We look forward to their completed communities in the showcase!

Our second and third graders are working with Lego WeDo kits to build various types of robots that can help change the world. The students can do anything from build a robotic flood gate that helps redirect flood waters during storms, to a heavy duty robot that can assist workers when cleaning up debris after storms. No matter what their task, they will be able to build a robot to help our world thrive. 

Finally, our fourth, fifth, and sixth graders are working with Lego Mindstorm Kits to build robots to also complete tasks to create positive change in our world. The kits are similar to the WeDo kits, but require higher level thinking and problem solving in order to complete the tasks. The students are now working to program their robots to move in a perfect square. Next week they will be on the move all over the place!


Building Communities

Building communities

Building robots

Building robots

Building robots