Use of District Facilities

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     Welcome to the online community organization page for use of Florence One Schools facilities. The board approves the lawful use of school facilities by responsible community groups or individuals when such use is for public, rather than private/personal activities. The use of district facilities will be restricted to times and conditions under which the planned activities will not interfere with a school’s educational programs.


Register to use District Facilities

  • Before you can reserve a facility, you must register your organization by creating an account in our online system. Register Here.  
    Once you are at the School Dude page, the top right of the page will allow you to log in and register.  Please be sure to add an email address.
    For instructions to requesting access to community use and submitting a request, click on the links below:

  • To rent an F1 facility go to the Facility Use Calendar, which displays events that already have been scheduled. The calendar allows you to view events by location and/or date.

    NOTE: the contents of this calendar may not include all school events and activities; some facilities that appear to be available may already be booked.

    Terms and Conditions                           Rental Agreement                         Facility Rental Prices