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Royall Elementary Students Excel On SCREADY

Royall Elementary Students Excel On SCREADY

The South Carolina Department of Education recently released its annual SCReady assessment data. The newest data shows that Royall Elementary School scored among the top 5 elementary schools in the state for the percentage of students achieving Meets or Exceeds Expectations for English Language Arts (ELA). Royall also scored well on English Language Learners (ELL) proficiency.

Overall, Royall’s 3rd through 5th grade students scored in the top 98 percent for ELA. Fifth graders specifically scored in the top 99 percent for all fifth graders across the state. In Math, Royall’s Meets or Exceeds landed them in the top 92 percent, with 4th graders scoring in the top 96 percent of all fourth-grade students in the state.

Students who achieve Meets or Exceeds are considered well-prepared for the next grade level and are, according to the SCDE, reaching or exceeding the expectations set in the grade-level content standards.

"The knowledge that Royall's performance on SCReady testing is among the highest in the state makes us extremely proud and is truly a testament to the hard work of our teachers and students in cooperation with our supportive parents,” said Principal Julie Smith. “High expectations, intentional monitoring and the belief that all students can succeed have been key components to our school's ongoing tradition of academic excellence." 

According to the data, the poverty index for Royall is significantly higher than the four other schools that achieved among the highest elementary schools in the state. Royall’s index was 61 percent while the other four all had an index lower than 25 percent.

In ELL proficiency, Royall ranked in the top 10 elementary schools across the state with 36 percent of ELL students meeting English language proficiency on the ACCESS assessment. The goal is for students to meet a growth benchmark each year in order to exit the program. Overall, Florence 1 Schools ranked 4th out of all the school districts in South Carolina in English Language Learner proficiency.

Since 2009, Royall has been rated Excellent over ten times; the year Royall was not rated Excellent, schools did not receive a report card rating by the state.

“It has been our goal to be a top school district in South Carolina,” said Florence 1 Superintendent Richard O’Malley. “Royall has been consistently leading the way in our efforts to reach that goal. We are very proud of the accomplishments of the administration, staff and students at Royall.”