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New AT&T Plan + New Federal Benefit = Free Internet

New Access from AT&T Plan + New Federal Benefit = Free Internet  

Dear Friend,

With Back to School in session, AT&T is enhancing connected learning opportunities so that more students can have access to reliable, high-speed broadband internet.

This year, AT&T has reduced the cost of home internet for eligible households to the best monthly rate possible – $0. This free option is made possible by combining a plan from our low-cost Access from AT&T program with federal benefits from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). 

We’re excited that more students will be able to afford the broadband connections they need for school. 

Broadband Access and Affordability - Working to connect more households and bridge the digital divide.

Access from AT&T: The Access from AT&T program provides discounted internet services at affordable monthly rates for qualified customers. Our Access from AT&T plan means that customers can get speeds of up to 100 Mbps with unlimited data for $30 per month.1 To learn more, click here or call 855.220.5211.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP): AT&T is a proud participant in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

ACP provides eligible households with a benefit of up to $30 a month to reduce the cost of broadband service.

Participants in ACP may be eligible for free home internet with speeds up to 100Mbps by applying their ACP benefit on Access from AT&T plans. Households approved for ACP qualify for Access from AT&T when applying their ACP benefit on Access from AT&T plans.

You can find all eligibility requirements HERE.

Access + ACP = Free Internet: Eligible customers can combine the Access from AT&T program with the ACP federal benefits for free internet. We encourage eligible customers to sign up for the ACP in order to receive free Internet service.

To help customers understand the benefits available to them, we have prepared a one-page informational handout which may be downloaded here.

At AT&T, we are committed to doing our part to bring connectivity, educational resources and economic opportunity to the millions of people who need access to affordable broadband.