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Tifani Merritt

Mrs. Tifani S. Merritt
Mrs. Merritt has been a devoted educator for seventeen years.  Originally from Darlington, SC, she attributes her passion for teaching and learning to the small family-oriented community she grew up in.  Everyone was responsible for helping each other.  From planting gardens to playing musical instruments, there was always someone that could (and would) show others how to do it.  

Mrs. Merritt attended the public schools of Darlington County and graduated in the last class of St. John’s High School in the year of 1995.  She went on to further her education at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC.  She graduated, Magna Cum Laude, in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education.

Mrs. Merritt taught and served as the Teaching Assistant Principal in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools six years before relocating back to her home of Darlington, SC.  Upon returning home, Mrs. Merritt focused her attention on her family and ministry before heading back into the classroom.  In 2009, she accepted a position at Southside Middle School as an eighth grade math teacher.  

In September 2016, Mrs. Merritt was promoted as School Testing Coordinator for Southside Middle School and South Florence High School.  She proudly serves in this new role and seizes other opportunities to support the students of Southside and South Florence often.  Additionally, she is an avid supporter of STEM/STEAM education and technology integration.   

Mrs. Merritt resides in Florence with her husband, Jeremiah, and their five beautiful children: Jeremiah, Jr., Taylor, Joseph, Josiah, and James.  

Educational Background

1999      Bachelor of Arts in Education, Johnson C. Smith University

2015      Master of Education, Concordia University

Present   Educational Specialist, Arkansas State University

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Office: 843-758-6781

Fax: 843-673-6766

Educational Philosophy:
Every child can learn!