Ms. Julie Goldstein

Phone: 843-664-8440


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Julie Goldstein

I have been teaching English at Wilson High School since 2007.  In my time here, I have taught every level of English and love every bit of it.

I did all my studying at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I earned my BA in Rhetoric in 1989, and my focus was on writing poetry.  I studied under poets such as Laurence Lieberman, Julia Alvarez, and Michael Van Walleghen.  I feel fortunate to have had such gifted poets as my mentors and instructors.

After studying poetry, I earned a Master's in Education that focused on the teaching of writing.  The University of Illinois includes a Center for Writing Studies, and I  had the great opportunity to study under professors such as Dr. Gail Hawisher and Dr. George Kamberellis, leaders in the field.  I learned Educational Psychology from Dr. Charles K. West and Dr. James Farmer, who introduced me to their IDT, or Instructional Design Template, a tool for creating curriculum that connects with every aspect of student engagement and learning. 

I remain a dedicated fan of all things UIUC.  Go Illini!

And of course, Go Tigers

In my time here, I have had the opportunity to take pictures of all the student groups for our year book, The Wilsonian, and I have watched with pride our academic, sports, and peforming arts achievements.  Our students take on challenges, and they strive to do their best in all arenas.

This year, I teach:

IB Literature 1 and 2

Theory of Knowledge 1

Year Book Production