Ms. Kate Smolen-Morton



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kate Smolen-Morton

Kate Smolen-Morton


Who is Kind, Enthusiastic, Dedicated

Mother of 2 Artistic and Amazing Kids

Lover of Tolerance, Open-mindedness, & Originality

Who fears Hate, Cruelty, & Intolerance

Who needs Weight-lifting, Reading, & Me Time

Who feels Energized, Eager, & Happy

Who would like to see a Good Book, Beaches, & a Better World

Resident of her Middle Name


     My family and I moved to Florence from Western Massachusetts where I taught English for twelve years. For thirteen years, I have been teaching English and Theatre courses at South Florence.   I will encourage my students to view themselves as active participants in their education.  I want my students to be invested and involved in their learning and to be engaged as readers, writers, and actors.