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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Language teaching M.O.S Specialist M. Ed. Teaching and Assessment

Mr. Julian Zamudio-Arenas

My name is Julian Zamudio-Arenas, although my name is hyphenated, it is O.K. to just call me Mr. Zamudio.

I am a native of Chile, in South America. After finishing my university education, my wife and I decided to move to the southernmost part of Chile and perhaps the most isolated, Patagonia. There we lived for 6 years, where we were blessed with two handsome boys. Upon finishing our stay in Patagonia, we moved to our hometown, a much larger city where I taught at University for almost 6 years before moving to the USA.

I am a very respectful professor. I believe  that respect is the key to everything we do in life, thus I enforce that while teaching and in any endeavor I undertake. I hold high behaviour, moral and vocabulary standards. I am strongly Christian.

  As a teacher, I believe that memorizing the dictionary from cover to cover is unfruitful, yet some memorization is always needed. I am a big fan of  using many technological tools with my second language learners. My goal as a teacher is to allow students to use as many tools and opportunities to use their language as possible and help students be successful in their tasks. Let us use the tools we have available nowadays, although to be successful, we ought to know that a hammer is not for measuring and a screedriver will not help us drive a nail.