Degrees and Certifications:

Leah Smith

Willkommen!  Frau Smith will be your German teacher at West Florence High School and she is very excited to have you!  You chose a great language that will help you in any field you choose: business, engineering, sciences, the arts etc.  It is the second most spoken language in the European Union and has the strongest economy in Europe.  Good choice!

Frau Smith recently moved from Virginia where she also taught German levels 1-4.  She has also taught German levels 1-5, ib and ap in North Carolina and has taught English as a Second Language in Indonesia, China, Namibia and Germany. 

In her free time, Frau Smith enjoys playing videogames, reading, watching sci-fi and fantasy, doing different crafts, snuggling with her 2 kitties and spending time with her fiance, family and friends.