• Tourism Management explores the nature, concepts and impact of the hospitality and tourism industry. This course focuses on foundational information about the hospitality and tourism industry and provides opportunities for students to get a taste of what hospitality and tourism is all about. Course content includes: career exploration, employability and career development skills, guest satisfaction, safety, security and environmental practices, the history of the hospitality industry, and the hospitality and tourism segments. Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations (FCCLA and/or DECA) and other leadership or extracurricular organizations to enhance their learning. Carnegie Units: 1 unit

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Jamie Leverentz

Hi! I am Jamie Leverentz and I am originally from Michigan and received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Lodging from Grand Valley State University. I've been in the Hotel industry for over 20 years and have lived in several states from Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Utah and California. Part of my training included a Disney University Degree where I worked at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, 1 of the 3 waterparks Disney owned at the time, to complete my Food and Beverage rotation.

I have worked at several properties, including Marriott, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and several Boutique properties. I  was also a AAA inspector for 10 years in Southern California. My territory included San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, a total road warrior. My bucket list of traveling hasn't even been dented, only being to Canada, Mexico and New Zealand for other countries, but I'm hoping to be working on this list and welcome all recommendations!

I now reside in Florence with 2 sons who are also in the Florence school district and looking ahead to contributing to the Florence community! I look forward to a productive school year introducing students to the Hospitality Industry, where it can take them literally anywhere in the world!


  • Program Learning Outcomes: Workplace Readiness Skills PERSONAL QUALITIES AND PEOPLE SKILLS 1. Positive Work Ethic:Comesto work every day on time,is willing to take direction, and is motivated to accomplish the task at hand 2. Integrity: Abides byworkplace policies and laws and demonstrates honesty and reliability 3. Teamwork:Contributesto the success ofthe team, assists others, and requests help when needed 4. Self-Representation : Dresses appropriately and uses language and manners suitable for the workplace 5. Diversity Awareness:Works well with all customers and coworkers 6. Conflict Resolution: Negotiates diplomatic solutions to interpersonal and workplace issues 7. Creativity And Resourcefulness: Contributes new ideas and works with initiative PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS 8. Speaking AndListening:Followsdirections andcommunicates effectivelywithcustomers and fellowemployees 9. Reading And Writing: Reads and interprets workplace documents and writes clearly 10. Critical Thinking And Problem Solving: Analyzes and resolves problemsthat arise in completing assigned tasks 11. Health And Safety: Follows safety guidelines and manages personal health 12. Organizations, Systems, and Climates: Identifies "big picture" issues and his or her role in fulfilling the mission of the workplace 13. Lifelong Learning: Continually acquires new industry-related information and improves professional skills 14. JobAcquisition AndAdvancement:Preparestoapplyfor ajob andtoseek promotion 15. Time, Task, And Resource Management:Organizes and implements a productive plan of work 16. Mathematics: Uses mathematical reasoning to accomplish tasks 17. Customer Service: Identifies and addresses the needs of all customers, providing helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable service TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS 18. Job-Specific Technologies:Selects and safely usestechnological resources to accomplish work responsibilities in a productive manner 19. Information Technology: Uses computers, file management techniques, and software/programs effectively 20. Internet Use And Security: Usesthe Internet appropriately for work 21. Telecommunications: Selects and uses appropriate devices, services, and applications


  • CREATE MAGIC AND MEMORIES…Event and Entertainment Management familiarizes students with management techniques and strategies for successful planning, promotion, and implementation of special events that result in extraordinary and memorable experiences. Students will learn the basics about what it takes to add the “WOW factor” for customers whether the event is a sporting event, corporate event, family reunion, cruise, wedding, party, etc. Students will engage in project- and problem-based learning opportunities for event evaluation, direct observation of, and hands-on involvement in the planning and staging of special events. Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations (FCCLA and/or DECA) and other leadership or extracurricular organizations to enhance their learning.


  • THERE’S NO DODGING THE LODGING! SO, CHECK-IN FOR A FIVE STAR EXPERIENCE! Lodging Management is the study of the lodging industry’s history, growth, development and future direction. Students will learn what it takes to provide ideal guest experiences from a management perspective. The course covers front office procedures and interpersonal dynamics from reservations through night audit. Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations (FCCLA and/or DECA) and other leadership or extracurricular organizations to enhance their learning experiences.


  • Students will be provided the opportunity and the knowledge to be prepared for the following industry-recognized certifications: OSHA 10, ServeSafe, and Pro Start

    Certified Hospitality & Tourism Management Professional


  • Students are encouraged to complete WBL experiences with Raldex Hospitality  . These experiences give the students an opportunity to "test drive" a career. This empowers the student with the knowledge that they love the career or that it may not be for them, allowing them to change course to a career that best fit them. Either way the student will save time and money. If they love it the student will already have experience, contacts, references for the industry allowing them to start earning money sooner and likely at a higher than entry level. If they don't love it the student will not waist any more time pursuing a career that is not a good fit for them.


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  • The Career and Technical Education Advisory Committees are made up of volunteers who agree to serve as advisors to one or more career and technical programs. Members include representatives from business, labor, community agencies, faculty, students and other members. The primary purpose of advisory committees is to provide direction and guidance for the specific career and technical area within the school to strengthen and enhance the success of CTE programs. By working closely with the business and labor communities, we continue to provide high quality workforce training and education to our students so they will succeed in today's job market.

    The committees support and strengthen the partnership between business, labor, the community, and education. The committees make recommendations that will strengthen and help to expand the curriculum to improve the quality of program(s). Members provide valuable input in areas such as curriculum development, industry relevant certifications, student recruitment and placement, staff development, equipment and software recommendations.

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