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    Thinking Flexibly during COVID-19

    Welcome to the College and Career News, quarantine-style!  Although current health concerns have prohibited classes from continuing in the same way, and we miss our full classrooms SO MUCH, we have continued to welcome new students and congratulate graduates during these weeks of quarantine. School continues through June 25.   Here are several ways you can continue to pursue your college and career goals:

    • Work packets and Family Literacy packets are available for pick up each week beginning on Tuesday afternoons.  When you arrive, touch a key on the keypad, and we will answer.  We will wear a mask, and you might also choose to wear one.
    • Facebook Live: watch videos live, or after they have been taped, on our Facebook page, Florence Adult Ed.  These air on Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. and are then saved on the page.  Comment or “like” so that we can give you class credit.  Earn a free GED practice test when you share the video and notify us!
    • Google classroom: Through your gmail account and using your chromebook, computer, or  tablet:   Log onto your Google email (gmail), click on the 9 dots in the right hand corner, scroll down to google classroom, click on the + sign and join by pasting in the following link: l2mnz6y.  Note that the first character in the link is a lower case L.  
      • WIN and GED Academy software:  Work in your WIN and GED Academy software.  We can give you credit for distance learning. 
      • Diploma coursework:  Continue your work from home and/or schedule a meeting with your Poynor or Graham Rd. teacher.  If you have not done so, reach out to him/her!


    • ESL classes:  ESL classes have strong attendance on Facebook, Zoom, Google Classroom, and WhatsApp!


    • GED Ready, GED, WIN, and WIN Soft Skills testing have resumed on a limited, by appointment basis.  The lab is sanitized between uses, and the number of testers is limited to 4.  Contact your teacher for details.  We will test until June 23.  

    Stay in contact with your teachers.  They remain active and ready to assist you as you continue your work from home.  If you need emails or phone numbers, call 843.664.8152.


    Pursue a New Credential

    Although face-to-face classes are now more difficult, many opportunities to earn professional credentials have been adapted to a “hybrid” (virtual and face-to-face) or “virtual” model.   

    • Several of our students are heading to the SiMT at FDTC to take a forklift class in early June. For information on forklift and other available training, call the SiMT at   843.413.2715 or visit Continuing Education - Corporate and Workforce Development . https://www.fdtc.edu/continuing-education/ 
    • The Continuum offers parallel  workforce development programs for the Lake City community.  Lake City students can call 843.374.4201, or visit  https://www.thelccontinuum.org/news/adult-education-opportunities  and select “programs” in the Quick Links.
    • WeKnowIT program is open to qualifying SNAP participants who would like to learn IT/office skills to increase earning potential. These classes are online and can be accessed from home or from Poynor.  See the related article in this issue, or contact Mr. Mike Smith at 803-799-7321 or Mike.Smith@WeKnowITonline.com .  A new class starts  June 1, so act quickly!
    • The CNA credential is in great demand.  In addition to workforce development classes, several private medical training options are available.  Although our class here at Poynor has been delayed by COVID19, contact the following training centers for information about their current classes:  Professional Med. Tr. Ctr, HOME | pmtc  or 843-678-9135; Johnson Thomas Medical Tr. Ctr., https://www.facebook.com/JTMTC/  or Nurse Thomas at (843) 407-4046.

    WIOA Youth and Adult

    Have you enrolled with Eckerd/WIOA?  Eckerd Youth and Adult programs can help you fund your college and career training.   These programs have moved to a virtual platform, so you can take all enrollment steps from home!    To schedule an orientation to find out more about the benefits of engaging with these programs, contact Ms. Tawanda Epps, (843) 250-9045 or tepps@eckerd.org .  Be sure to tell her that you are an Adult Ed student and that we have referred you!  

    Picture Yourself in COLLEGE!

    Even during COVID-19, a virtual college tour would be a way to explore a college campus and picture yourself attending that college.  Here are links to several area colleges and universities who offer virtual tours:


    • Horry-Georgetown Technical College, Grand Strand/Conway/Georgetown, SC: Virtual Tour


    For application information or assistance, contact your CCN.

    Virtual Career Fair

    Career Center of the Carolinas will host a virtual career fair in SC on Thursday, June 25, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  To secure a free ticket, visit South Carolina Virtual Career Fair Tickets, Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 10:00 AM.  Using a computer or other device, employers and employees meet virtually.  According to 12 Ways to Make the Most out of a Virtual Career Fair,   job seekers can prepare for the fair in these ways:

    • Register ahead of time. 
    • Research participating organizations. 
    • Prepare your resume (Contact Ms. Stone for help if you need it).
    • Practice your pitch (A pitch presents reasons you would be a great hire).
    • Make sure your technology is ready to go (Schedule computer time at Poynor if you need it).
    • Wear a professional outfit. 
    • Attend from a distraction-free environment. 
    • Be ready to put yourself out there.

    More information  will follow. 


    WeKnowIT - Microsoft Technology Training in Columbia SC is a training program that helps students learn skills in weeks, not years, that will boost their pay and employability.  The classes are all offered virtually, via computer or laptop, using WiFi.  WeKnowIT includes 5 Phases of training ranging from basic computer literacy to advanced technical engagements. Students can earn certifications and qualify for entry level positions such as Office Productivity Specialist , Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary,  Data Analyst, Accounting Clerk, Customer Support Representative, and others.   A new cohort begins on June 1.  SNAP participants may be eligible for full scholarships.  A GED or diploma is NOT required, and our current students would be welcome to schedule use of a computer on campus.  For more information, please contact us at 843.664.8152, or contact Mike Smith at 803-799-7321 or Mike.Smith@WeKnowITonline.com .  

    Family Literacy Corner

    With the arrival of summer comes more free times, but this year, trips and other fun may be limited due to the coronavirus.  What can families do together?  Here are several ideas:

    • Take a virtual field trip.  When you have some free time,  check out these virtual field trips with your child: 28 Virtual Field Trips to Take with Your Child
    • Take a day trip to Lynches River County Park .  Walk the nature trails and climb up to the canopy walk!  Send us a photo!
    • Come to Poynor and choose a book to read together. 
    • Our area is filled with historical markers.  Pick 10 of them, take photos, and help your child create a homemade book about the highlighted events.
    • Fill balloons with water and laugh together as you have a water fight!
    • Make a goal to walk a mile each day.  Keep a record.  By the end of the summer, how many miles will you have walked?  
    • Find and make a recipe together.  Here is a recipe for an easy, fun snack:  Marguerites . Make a family search online to find more.
    • Play a card game!  One example is  Crazy Eights.

    Social/Emotional Support

    During a crisis such as a pandemic, children, adults, and families may need mental health support.  Following are several supports for our community:

    Florence One Support Line (medical and emotional):  843.664.8170 Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    NAMI Support Line 800.788.5131 or text HELLO to 741-741

    NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) webinars on how to address issues of  suicide with your family:  https://namisc.org/programs/families/

    Questions about what you have read?  anne.stone@fsd1.org or 843.758.6406