• Learning Options

    Adult education students manage a number of responsibilities daily.  At Florence County Adult Education, we try to keep learning opportunities flexible. Whenever you cannot attend classes in-person, you still have options to keep learning.  Check out the five options listed below:

    1) Teachers can create paper-packets with work.  These can be picked up onsite between the hours of 8am-5pm.

    2) Teachers are available for you to contact.  Email addresses are listed below:

    Eyleen Atacho eatacho@fsd1.org

    Doris Baker doris.baker@fsd1.org

    Ashley Bratton abratton@fsd1.org

    Taylor Bunn rbunn@fsd1.org

    Susanne Fountain sfountain@fsd1.org

    Clarisa Sanchez-Garcia csanchezgarcia@fsd1.org

    Leeann Griggs leeann.griggs@fsd1.org

    Brenda Hannah bhannah@fsd5.org

    Ida King ida.king@fsd1.org

    Laura Kirven laura.kirven@fsd1.org

    Cleo Martinez cmartinez@fsd1.org

    Claudia McLellan cmclellan@fsd1.org

    Stephenie Parrott stephenie.parrott@fsd1.org

    Katrina Powell katrina.powell@fsd1.org

    Karen Romanyzyn kromanyzyn@fsd1.org

    Vickie Scipio vscipio@fsd1.org

    Janice Singletary jsingletary@fsd1.org

    Anne Stone anne.stone@fsd1.org


    3) Join us on Zoom for instructional support on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am and also Thursdays at 11am. Links to the zoom meetings are sent to students via email.


    4) Teachers have Google Classroom instructional options. 

    For the ESL Google Classroom Code, please contact Claudia McLellan @ cmclellan@fsd1.org. 

    GED Google Classroom  code: l2mnz6y

    5) Students havae access to logins to one or more of the following: Rosetta Stone, IXL, Essential Ed, WIN, Apex, Khan Academy.  Use them!


    Call 843.664-8152 (McClenaghan) or 843-374-5517 x 11111 (Lake City) with any questions.  Staff are answering phones 8am -5pm, Monday through Friday.  Or email cchill@fsd1.org.