• While face-to-face classes are not in session, you still have options to keep your learning going.  Check out the five options listed below:

    1) Teachers have created paper-packets with work.  These can be picked up at Poynor between the hours of 8am-3pm.

    2) Teachers are available for you to contact.  Email addresses are listed below:

    Eyleen Atacho eatacho@fsd1.org

    Doris Baker doris.baker@fsd1.org

    Ashley Bratton abratton@fsd1.org

    Regina Buffkin rbrunson@fsd1.org

    Taylor Bunn rbunn@fsd1.org

    Susanne Fountain sfountain@fsd1.org

    Leeann Griggs leeann.griggs@fsd1.org

    Brenda Hannah bhannah@fsd5.org

    Ida King ida.king@fsd1.org

    Laura Kirven laura.kirven@fsd1.org

    Claudia McLellan cmclellan@fsd1.org

    Evelyn Ortiz cortiz@fsd1.org

    Stephenie Parrott stephenie.parrott@fsd1.org

    Katrina Powell katrina.powell@fsd1.org

    Karen Romanyzyn kromanyzyn@fsd1.org

    Vickie Scipio vscipio@fsd1.org

    Janice Singletary jsingletary@fsd1.org

    Anne Stone anne.stone@fsd1.org


    3) We will have Facebook Live GED, ESL, and Generational Family Literacy lessons from 9am-11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Schedule for Facebook Live:

    9:00 am College and Career Navigator, Anne Stone

    9:15 am Science/Social Studies Lesson

    9:30 am Math Lesson

    9:45 am English Lesson

    10:00 am Science/Social Studies Lesson

    10:15 am Generational Family Literacy

    10:30 am ESL 


    4) Teachers have or are setting up Google Classroom instructional options. 

    ESL Google Classroom Code: tsvwpei

    GED Google Classroom  code: l2mnz6y

    5) Students already have logins to one or more of the following: Rosetta Stone, IXL, Essential Ed, WIN, Apex, Khan Academy.  Use them!


    Call 843.664-8152 with any questions.  Staff are answering phones 8am -3pm, Monday through Friday.  Or email cchill@fsd1.org.