What is eLearning?

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    District Closure Updates

    We are pleased to announce that Florence 1 Schools is one of ten South Carolina school districts selected by the Education Oversight Committee as part of an eLearning Pilot Program for the 2019-2020 school year.  An eLearning day is an option to allow for learning to continue away from the traditional school setting.

    F1S may use eLearning days to extend learning into the home due to inclement weather, unusual disruptions to the regular school day, or for F1S professional development. Designated make-up days may be used for students to participate in instruction from home through primarily virtual methods. On eLearning days, students will not report physically to school but will instead work virtually from home. Students will have regular assigned classwork and their teachers will be available electronically during virtual office hours.   

    The announcement of an eLearning Day will be relayed through the school’s notification system, district/school websites, F1S mobile app, social media (Facebook and Twitter), automated phone calls, and local media.

    We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help parents, students, and teachers.  This can be accessed from the tab on the left.