Degrees and Certifications:


My name is Rohan Howard. I have an earned doctorate, and my certifications in education include high school, middle level, and elementary level. I have almost two decades of experience in math education. My experience in education includes teaching middle school mathematics, high school mathematics, Advanced Program (AP) calculus (100% pass rate)
and being an adjunct professor at Francis Marion University and Florence Darlington Technical College where I taught college-level mathematics courses. I have an excellent pass rate in all the courses that I taught which have standardized tests. I also have experience in teaching outside of the United States which highlights my experience with a diverse student population. I am also an AP Calculus Reader, wherein the summer I will be in Kansas helping to mark the AP Calculus Exam papers. My greatest strengths include preparing assessment that meet states’ curriculum standards and analyzing data through statistical software such as SPSS, excellent instruction methods which help students to gain a better understanding of what is being taught, adaptable and flexible in making the necessary adjustment to help students improve the quality of their education beyond the secondary level. I facilitate a highly inquisitive and interactive school atmosphere where students asked questions.

When I am not at school, I love spending time with my family to catch up on missing moments. Every day I enjoyed tutoring my daughter, watching the national and international
news, and feeding my birds