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Degrees and Certifications:

English Literature, BA Cum Laude Columbia College

Mrs. Kristina Busick

Work SMARTER, not Harder

I grew up in a family business located in the MidWest. Often, I heard the phrase above from my father as we worked non-stop in the summer and after school. Naturally, this has followed me through any work I do - career, volunteer, or home. My hope is any student will see this in my class and begin to consider how to work efficiently. 


Reading Passion

Now, I need to put the official teacher stuff on this page, but I think parents need to see the human students will be spending time with at school. In the family business, my goal was to work so smart that I would have time to read! I walked to the library in my small town 2 or 3 times a week and would come home loaded with books. The desire to read allowed me to dream big beyond small-town Missouri and has not stopped. Often my reading pile contains fiction, how-to, nonfiction, and young adult.


Teaching Passion

The next generation is fun! The ideas, enthusiasm, and hope students have (yes, I am talking about teenagers). They need a place to be their best self, explore the world, and have boundaries. Literature allows students to consider their ideas and challenge their perspectives. Meanwhile, the boundaries are designed for students to respect one another. My one classroom rule is simple - I respect you, you respect me.