• Career and Technical Education (CATE)

    The South Carolina Education Improvement Act (EIA) requires occupational preparatory courses supported with state funds to be accountable in terms of the success of CATE students in obtaining jobs and remaining employed.  The continued funding of CATE courses will depend upon the successful placement of graduates in jobs related to their occupational training.  Therefore, it is important that students who are scheduled to fill allocations are those who desire CATE training.  Guidance and counseling services provided in the schools are critical to the continued existence of the program offerings in the district.

    Admissions Policies

    Enrollment in CATE courses is determined by equipment availability,  size of laboratory, curriculum content, and overall situations related to student safety.

    Class Selection Procedure

    If there are more applicants for CATE courses than there are spaces available, the Florence Career Center (FCC) and the feeder high schools will follow procedures as outlined below:

    • Two-year preparatory program enrollment allocation/admission will be in the following priority order:

                  11th-grade students

                  10th-grade students

                  12th-grade students (12th graders cannot complete 2-year programs)

                  9th-graders are not eligible

    NOTE:  Acceptance to the 2nd year of CATE programs will be based on GPA, class ranking, and teacher recommendation.

    • One-year preparatory programs enrollment allocation is as follows:

                  12th-grade students

                  11th-grade students

    • Single period courses*

                   Course allocation will be prioritized by 12th - 9th-grade level retrogression as recommended by the course catalog.

    *Exception:  Students who have declared an occupational major in a job preparatory program based on that student's four-year high school instructional plan will receive priority placement.

    The CATE allocation procedure will be reviewed annually.  If it appears that students are being discriminated against and/or denied CATE educational services, then each student will be reviewed on an individual basis.  The local high school will adhere to the same procedure in allocating students to classes that are taught within their building.

    CATE Support Services

    Disabled and disadvantaged students must receive the full range of programs, services, and activities available to thier peers.  Florence School District One provides the following supplemental services for special needs students enrolled in CATE programs:


    • Modification and adaptation of curriculum and material according to the disability and appropriateness to meet the student's individual needs
    • Equipment modifications necessary for the student to participate in a CATE program
    • Additional equipment appropriate and/or additional equipment that is essential for the successful participation of disabled and disadvantaged students in CATE programs.
    • Guidance and counseling services
    • Job placement services
    • Remedial services coordinated with the home school
    • Special programs

    Articulation Program

    Florence-Darlington Technical College (FDTC) and other SC Technical Colleges recognize the value of CATE training received by the graduates of the Florence School District One and believe that this training qualifies students for advanced placement.  These institutions have cooperatively established performance objectives and/or evaluation criteria to serve as guidelines in determining when students should be exempted from specified courses.  A procedure has been established for articulation in several programs at all high schools and the Florence Career Center.  Entry level for advanced placement is based on (a) the student's progress in completing course objectives, (b) the student's academic record, (c) a written recommendation and evaluation of the student's capabilities and achievements by the CATE instructor, and (d) an interview with the appropriate instructors.  Articulated programs are noted in the course descriptions.

    See your home school counselor or contact the Florence Career Center if you have questions.