Helpful Resources During School Closure

  • Dr. O'Malley Facebook Live
    Facebook live session from March 16th

    Bus Wifi Locations
    Buses will be parked at locations throughout the community for students who do not have internet access at home. District Chromebooks will be able to connect to the Wifi on the buses for students to complete assignments.

    F1S Provides Meals During School Closure

    On March 15, Governor Henry McMaster issued an order that all South Carolina schools close until March 31st. During this time, F1S will serve meals for students at school and community locations, starting on March 16th. See complete news article for details...

    Students Requiring Medicine From School

    If your child has medication at school that you need to pick up to have a supply for home use during the district closure, your school
    nurse will be contacting you by phone to arrange a suitable pick-up

Resources for Fun While at Home



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