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    McClenaghan Adult Education
    500 S. Dargan St.
    Florence, SC 29506

    Phone: (843) 664-8152

    Day-Instructors: Claudia McLellan and Eylen Atacho

    Email: cmclellan@fsd1.org or eatacho@fsd1.org

    Night-Instructor: Clarisa Sanchez-Garcia

    Email: csanchezgarcia@fsd1.org

    Classroom Phone: 843.758.6412

    All ESL Classes at Poynor are Free!

    All levels of English ability are taught. 
    The ESL Program at Poynor meets 9:00am - noon, Mon-Thu. and 5-8pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

    All classes meet in room 120.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Note: ESL follows the holiday schedule and inclement weather policy of FSD1.