• Location

    1400 Woods Road
    Florence, SC 29501

    Center Manager

    Flicka McBratney

    Director of School Readiness

    Dr. Catherine Sanderson



    “A place where movement becomes learning!”


    “Children require play and movement, physical and social nourishment, sleep, daily routine and rhythm, and constant attentive care in order to be prepared to enter Kindergarten ready to learn.”


    Grades:  3 and 4 year old preschool students


    Enrollment:  approximately 200

    Average class size:  15


    • Woods Road is a South Carolina licensed child development center.  
    • All teachers in the center are South Carolina state certified as preschool teachers. 
    • The Parenting Education Program is affiliated with Parent Child Plus. 
    • The school features a full time registered nurse with extensive early childhood experience.


    • Child Development Center at Woods Road offers High Scope Curriculum, Learning without Tears, and the Montessori Early Childhood Curriculum. 
    • The parenting educators are all certified by their respective affiliates. 
    • Children with disabilities are also served in the center.
    • Special programs including developmentally delayed/Autism preschool, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
    • The school features a Sensory Room in which children having difficulty adjusting to the school environment can build the skills they need to be successful.  
    • The playground is handicap accessible.  


    • The school houses an inclusive playground for preschool age children
    • A sensory classroom
    • A trike, scooter, wagon pathway
    • A nature walk