Florence 1 Schools Procurement

  • Florence 1 Schools adopted a new Procurement Code on August 13, 2020. This code requires that Florence 1 Schools post solicitation for bids for any contract exceeding $25,000 unless deemed a sole source or emergency procurement. For those vendors wishing to respond to the solicitation posted, you are required to be a registered vendor with the District and can submit your solicitation response to bids@fsd1.org by the required deadline listed in the related solicitation. Please place the solicitation number in the subject line of the email.

Procurement Contact

  • Mark Wentzel
    Procurement Specialist

Downloadable Forms

  • Note: Florence 1 Schools must have copies of the downloadable forms below when bidding on any RFP. Any vendor sending invoices to Florence 1 Schools without a purchase order, will not receive pay. The purchase order must be received prior to the invoice.