Title-One Corner

  •  Florence School District One


    Parent's Right To Know

    As a parent, the No Child Left Behind legislation provides you the opportunity to request information about the child's teacher. This information includes:

    Whether the teacher has met state qualifications/licensing for the grade level and subject areas being taught;
    Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency/provisional status;
    The baccalaureate degree major, graduate certification/degree and field of discipline of the certification or degree;
    Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.

    What is Title One?

    Savannah Grove Elementary School is a Title One School wide School. Title One is a federal program to help all students get a good education and meet academic standards. The criteria for becoming a Title One School is that you have to have at least 40% of your students on free or reduced lunch on the 135th day of the previous school year. Savannah Grove had 89.52 % of their students on free or reduced lunch.

    The total allocation for this fiscal year is $320,670. Monies for Savannah Grove will be spent on the following:

    • Teachers to reduce class size
    • Instructional Assistants
    • Resources (Ipads, printers, classroom supplies)
    • Workshops for parents
    • Professional Development (Common Core Math)
    • Support Staff
    • Instructional Materials

    The Title One School wide plan is available for parents to view in the school office. Parents are invited to help plan and take part in their schools program.


    Title One Resources:

    Savannah Grove Parent Involvement Policy

    District Parent Involvement Policy