About the F1S Maintenance Department

      • In 2022, more than 7,000 work orders were submitted to the Florence 1 School Facilities Department. Around 40 men in seven specialty areas take care of everything from fixing air conditioner units and mowing grass to fixing plumbing issues and painting classrooms, helping to keep the district running every day.

        “We have some really hardworking guys in our School Facilities Department,” said Florence 1 Superintendent Richard O’Malley. “I appreciate the hours they put in maintaining our buildings, improving our facilities, and making sure that our schools are ready every day for our staff and students. They are a critically important part of the tremendous improvements that have taken place in Florence 1 Schools.” 

        Timrod Elementary Principal Elizabeth Jackson said that her students are excited when anyone from the School Facilities Department visits their school.

        “They are not just maintenance and not just Mr. Larry the Courier, they are family,” Jackson said. “When they are here, they belong to Timrod and the kids just love them. Whenever we call them they come, and they always show up with a smile. I have the utmost respect for them.”

        Director Larry Reynolds, a graduate of Florence 1 who has worked for the district for more than 40 years, said that his goal is to keep things operating smoothly, usually with very little trace that anyone from his department has been in the building. 

        “I take pride in not having downtime for our students and staff,” Reynolds said. “We are here to serve the students. I always tell our guys that whenever that senior walks across the stage at graduation, you had a small part in that.”

        Reynolds said that between all of the district’s property, his men maintain around 1,100 acres of land. When it comes to building space, they take care of nearly 4 million square feet every day.

        “We have buildings that range from 70 years old to brand new,” Reynolds said. “That means there are a lot of different needs at the buildings and my guys are always on standby in case something comes up.”

        Reynolds started as an HVAC assistant and has worked his way up to being the Director of the School Facilities Department. He said that many of his men have worked at the district nearly as long as he has and have a lot of institutional knowledge.

        “A lot of our guys have been here 38, 40 years,” Reynolds said. “We have a lot of knowledge there when you add it all up and now they are showing the younger guys.”

        Alex Pettigrew, a member of the Grounds Crew, has also worked for the district for 37 years. He said that he has enjoyed his time with the district, though he is looking ahead to retirement when he can spend more time with his thirteen grandchildren.

        “I started in Carpentry as an assistant and then I went to Grounds,” Pettigrew said. “It is the people that have kept me here. This is a good bunch of people to work with.”

        Though these men often work behind the scenes, they are a truly impactful part of the Florence 1 Schools family and play a large role in the success of the district.

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        Submit a Work Order
        (For Employees Only)


        Think Outside The Trash and Prevent Unnecessary Work Orders

        The custodial duties listed below should be performed as needed or requested, and do not require the submission of work orders. 


        Light bulbs
        Light covers
        Stained or damaged ceiling tiles 


        HVAC vents - return and supply
        Gym floor
        Walls - if they look dirty or contain mildew
        Trash - outside and inside the buildings 

        Other duties

        Spray for bugs 
        Weed flower beds
        Move teacher desks and various furniture 
        Touch up paint - exterior and interior 
        Pressure wash - exterior 

        Rule of thumb - if you can't reach it from an 8 foot latter, submit a work order.