• Florence 1 One vision, voice, future

Executive Summary

  • A Strategic Plan for Building One of the Nation’s Premier School Districts

    Guided by four key objectives, our roadmap will transform Florence 1 Schools into a highly competitive, nationally recognized, leading school district.

    Florence 1 is embarking on an aggressive three-year strategic plan designed to elevate expectations and outcomes; enhance offerings, innovation, and safety; and energize a unified community of learners, educators, and supporters.

Objective 1

  • Exemplary Community Engagement
    Ownership of the F1S Vision by Every Person in Every School
    Cohesive Communication System District-Wide & Community-Wide
    Synergistic Approach to Improving Parent Connections & Engagement
    Re-energized Collaborations with Our Business Community

Objective 3

  • 21st-Century Facilities & Security
    Increased Investments in Classrooms, Programs & Technologies
    Detailed Blueprint for Annual Maintenance & Repairs
    Sophisticated Strategies for Enhancing Safety & Security
    Extensive Framework for Facility Design and Modernization

Objective 2

  • Superior Student Achievement
    Comprehensive Array of Academic Options, Exposures & Experiences
    Imagine Forward, a Dedicated Technology Initiative
    Renewed Emphasis on Special Education & Student Well-Being
    Large-Scale Arts & Culture Infusion Across All Schools

Objective 4

  • Professional Talent in Every Role
    Robust Professional Development Opportunities
    Creative Incentives for Attracting & Retaining Top Talent
    Dedicated Processes for Elevating Curriculum & Staff Culture
    Systematized Structure for Shared Policies, Procedures & Protocols
    Stay tuned for more information and details on Florence 1 in 2021!


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