• Dear Parent/Guardian,

    At Southside Middle School, we are very proud of our staff and committed to ensuring your child(ren) have a high-quality education. For that reason, we want to inform you of the following:

    Parents’/Guardians’ Rights Notification

    Parents/Guardians in the Florence 1 School District have the right to learn about the following qualifications of their child’s teachers:

    • State licensure requirements of the grade level and content areas taught
    • The current licensing status of your child’s teacher
    • Baccalaureate/graduate certification/degree

    You may also request the qualifications of an instructional paraprofessional who serves your student in a Title I program of if your school operates a school wide Title I program. Parents/Guardians may request this information from the building principal.

    The Florence 1 School District ensures that parents will be notified in writing if their child has been assigned, or has been taught by a teacher for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who does not meet state certification requirements.

    Our staff is committed to helping your child develop the academic knowledge and critical thinking he/she needs to succeed in school and beyond. That commitment includes making sure that all of our teachers and paraprofessionals are highly skilled.

    If you have any questions about your child’s assignments to a teacher or paraprofessional, please contact the school.


    Robert Craig Washington, School Principal