• Registration Information

    When registering a new student at our school you will need to:

    1. Bring a copy of your child's:

    • birth certificate
    • an official South Carolina immunization form (Be sure shots are up-to-date!)
    • Social Security card

    2. Bring proof-of-residence which should be a recent (within the past 2 months) utility bill in your name

    3. Fill out a request for records so that we can get your child's transcripts from his/her previous school. Please have the school's complete address, phone number, and fax number if possible. Be sure to let us know if your child has been in Florence School District 1 before.

     Proof of Residency Requirements

     Please click on the link below to open a copy of the Proof of Residency requirements. 

    Proof of Residency

Registration Forms