• Dear Delmae Friends and Family,

    The Association of Parents and Teachers at Delmae Elementary would like to welcome you to our page and invite you to take a look around.  At Delmae, we know that it takes a village and with that in mind, ask that all parents find a way to join us in supporting your child.   We have many ways for parents to be involved from fundraisers to spirit nights and even jobs you can do from home!

    Please consider getting involved in a way that meets your needs either in the area of scheduling or interest.


    Board Members

    Lori Twelkemeier, Co-president, sltwelke80@gmail.com

    Lakisha Ray, Co-president

    Theresa McHugh, Treasurer

    Latricia Ellison, Volunteer Coordinator

    Corey Fowler, Secretary

    Lisa Holiman, Teacher Liaison

    Ryan Vaughn, Social Media Coordinator

    Stephanie Pugh, Committee Leader

    Jasmyn Mumford, Committee Leader

    Angie Waldschmidt, past Co-president

    Reeshemah Harrison, past Co-president

    Parents interested in joining the APT can email: Lori Twelkemeier, Co-president, sltwelke80@gmail.com or Roy Ann Jolley, principal, rjolley@fsd1.org





    Delmae APT Board