Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kassie Wenrich

Hi, I am Ms. Kassie Wenrich and I have been teaching Social Studies for 4 years. I started my teaching career in Florence District 1 Schools. I taught at Alfred E. Rush Academy Alternative School for two years and am now currently teaching at West Florence High school. I hold a Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University. I am an Alum of Teach For America in South Carolina, and I am currently part of a program called Second Tour Fellowship which at the end of this year I will obtain a National Board Certification. 

Kassie says “Education is not just about content, building relationships is the most essential part of educating young beings. When you educate the heart and the mind you not only create academic outcomes for students but also lifelong impact”

I am not a native of South Carolina, instead am the child of the Marine Corp and consider home wherever my family is and Florence.  

I am passionate and diligent about educating my students, and adamant about creating more classrooms that use an equitable approach to intervention. I intend to continue making an impact in the community I was placed in, and make lasting change for the students of South Carolina.