Dr. Sawyer



Degrees and Certifications:

National Board Certified Teacher ESL (K-12) Gifted Education (K-12) Elementary Other certifications

Dr. Sawyer


Born in the Carolinas, Dr. Sawyer is the eldest of four daughters. Dr. Sawyer was educated in the public school systems of North and South Carolina. As an educator for over 20 years, she has served in diverse capacities including: mentor, mentor supervisor, supervising teacher, workshop facilitator and administrative intern. Dr. Sawyer, a National Board Certified Teacher, has also worked as an adjunct instructor for  local community colleges.

In 2010, she received her doctorate in education. Moreover, she has multiple certifications: English as a Second Language, Academically Intellectually and Gifted education and other certifications.

From 2012-2015,  she was employed as an University Supervisor at UNC. 

She has attained two grants: NetLead and USDA Fruit and Vegetables. 

Dr. Sawyer has published the following books: Under the Juniper Tree,  There's a Fun Gus among us!, Little Fee Fee and the Jeebie Jeebie Bees, and three books under a pseudonym.  Dr. Sawyer's books are available on Amazon's and Barnes and Nobles' websites. 

Furthermore, Dr. Sawyer has published the following articles: 

a) Understanding and transforming schools through the impact of effective leadership at: jassh.in/index.php/jassh/ article/view/332 

b) Impact of University teacher education programs on pre-service teachers at:  jassh.in/index.php/jassh/ article/view/236 

c) The Impact of Lexia Reading Program on Early childhood Literacy: A Case study of kindergarten students at: ijcrr.in/index.php/ijcrr/ article/download/431/287/ 

d) Using data to drive instruction at: ijcrr.in/index.php/ijcrr/ article/view/493 


Dr. Sawyer enjoys cooking, traveling, creative writing, and crafts.