Ms. Suzy Banister



Degrees and Certifications:

BA Communication & Studio Art / Graphic Design Teach for America Corps Member AmeriCorps Member

Ms. Suzy Banister

Thank you for visiting my page!

My name is Suzy Banister.  I am an exceptional education teacher at West Florence High School, teaching Study Skills.  In 2018 I moved to South Carolina from Maryland where I graduated from McDaniel College with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Studio Art with a specialization in Graphic Design.  Prior to teaching, I held occupations as a food & beverage services manager and K-12 tutor.  I served my community as a college site manager with Best Buddies, community fundraising coordinator, and recreational field hockey coach.  My teaching certification is with Teach for America, where I also serve as an AmeriCorps member. 

I am so excited to work with your student this year!  

Office Hours 2020 - 2021
All Weekday's 7:30am - 8:30am
Monday - Thursday 3:30pm - 4:30pm (students must be in the classroom by 3:45pm)
*Office Hours are open to all students for academic assistance.

 Planning Period
1st Block 8:30am - 10:10am

*Please see the Florence 1 Schools district guidelines for a full explanation of attendance procedures.  
• A/B Cohort students are marked as unexcused absent on at-home eLearning days if they do not attempt that day's assignment at all. These absences are logged in PowerSchool with the comment "Missing Assignment."
• Virtual students are required to answer the "Attendance Question" in Google Classroom AND complete the day's assignment on B-Day's during their 4th block in order to be marked as present.
• A/B Cohort and Virtual students have been advised to email Ms. Banister if they have any questions regarding assignments.  

Classroom Procedures
• All digital assignments are posted on Google Classroom. 
• All assignments and notes are available in paper format at the student's request.
• Students should bring their Chromebooks to class daily.
• The Study Skills classroom has flexible seating to allow students differentiated instruction.  Students are allowed to select their seats.  Should their seating arrangement negatively impact their learning or the learning of others, the student's seat will be moved.

Grading Procedures
• Students will complete a variety of classwork, quiz, test, and project assignments.  
• Grades are typically updated daily in Google Classroom, and weekly in PowerSchool. 
• If a student is absent, a "zero" will be inputted until the assignment is completed. 
• If a student receives a low score on an assignment, a comment typically accompanies the assignment in PowerSchool to provide clarity on the grade received. 
• Please refer to the F1s Grading Scale/Policies for additional information.  This can be found on the district website, or in your student's agenda.

Classroom Expectations
1. Be mindful - of yourself and others
2. Be prepared - mentally and physically for class
3. Be engaged - in class content
4. Be safe - by following school policies
5. Be your best - for success

Logical Consequences
1. Formal Warning  
2. One-on-one talk
3. Write a paragraph 
4. Contact home
5. Note in ABE and/or Classroom Action
6. Referral