• Bus Car Line and Procedures 
    Parents, for you and your child’s safety, we are re-directing the carline and the bus drop-off/pick-up area in the front of Timrod school. Beginning on the first day of school, the car line will now use the previous bus area. Cars will enter in the far right entrance and continue to move forward in a single line until you reach the car in front of you or the orange cones. In order to keep the traffic flowing, I’m asking that you do not leave gaps or large spaces between cars. In the afternoons, students will remain in the building and will be called by radio as you enter the carline. As students exit the building, they will then walk on the sidewalk directly to your car. When cars are loaded you will be directed to move forward to the exit. If you are making a right turn from the car line, you will proceed in the right lane. If you are making a left turn from the car line, you will proceed to the left lane. In the mornings, students will unload on the sidewalk area and enter the building at the closest building entrance. 
    Buses will enter the far left entrance of the school and proceed straight until they reach the cafeteria doors. Beginning on the first day of school, students will load and unload at the two cafeteria doors. We ask that parents refrain from driving and or parking in this unauthorized area.

    If visiting the school, you will continue to use the first entrance and park in the parking lot area.

    I know this is a change from previous car line/bus procedures; however, FSD1 administration and local law enforcement have given their approval. Please be patient and use extreme caution as we implement these new procedures. Thank you for your support and understanding as we work diligently to provide a safe environment for everyone. If you have questions, please call the school at 664-8454.

    Michelle McBride, Principal