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      • LTD 2021-2022 Office Staff

        Ms. Melissa Carter - Attendance -mcarter@fsd1.org

        Ms. Tiffany Edwards - School Nurse -tiffany.edwards@fsd1.org

        Ms. Maria Singletary- Bookkeeper and Secretary - msingletary@fsd1.org

        Ms. Marie Venable - Office Assistant - mvenable@fsd1.org



      Mission and Vision

      • The Mission of

        Lucy T. Davis Elementary

        is to Educate! Prepare! Inspire!



        Lucy T. Davis Elementary School will be a system of

        excellence and equity in educational practices for each


      Read to Succeed

      • What is Read to Succeed (R2S)?

        In 2014, the state of South Carolina passed an all-inclusive litereacy mandate, aiming to address state-wide deficits in academic achievement.  With a particular focus on third-grade reading proficiency, Act 284 (Read to Succeed) offers a complete framework that includes teacher preparation, student instruction, and early intervention.  This law provides students in South Carolina the opportunity to attain the literacy skills necessary for academic and professional accomplishment.

        Lucy T. Davis is a Read to Succeed school.  We offer a Literacy Coach to assist teachers in professional learning.  Our school also has its own school-wide Reading Plan which aims to improve reaing achievement among our students.  All certified staff at our school are also required to earn a literacy Teacher Endorsement.

        Click below to find out more about Read to Succeed.  If you wish to view the LTD Reading Plan, stop by the school to view it.

        South Carolina Department of Education Read to Succeed

      • Lucy T Davis Elementary School: Grades K-5
        Lucy T Davis Elementary School was established in 2012.

        Motto: Educate, Prepare, Inspire!

        Mrs. Sonya Graves

        201 Westfield Dr
        Florence SC 295011

        Contact Numbers:
        Phone: 843-665-5977
        Fax:     843-665-7017